annie X: Stephanie! thank you. They are so cute. Yes any reason is a good reason to travel. We can have a photo party! (8.20.07 - 2:21pm)

annie X: Abbe! I am excited about the wedding too! We should have fun in the Vineyards. (8.20.07 - 2:20pm)

Stephanie Peoples: Annie! These are so fabulous. You really captured their spirit. I am madly trying to conjure up a good enough reason to drag you down to Austin to shoot our family. Abbe is a dear friend of mine & I am so happy to see these wonderful photos...Gem! (8.19.07 - 4:34pm)

Abbe & Dru: Annie, Dru & I had a blast in Truckee with you last weekend Yes, the Lake Tahoe area is one of our favorite places! We LOVE the pictures and can't wait to have you share our wedding day with us. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! (8.19.07 - 1:19pm)